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Single Mother of 4 with no help, frustrated with life

I'm a 38 year old single mom of 4, ages 15, 14, 10, and 9. I'm raising them entirely on my own. My parents are nearby, but refuse to do anything (they claim they're getting old--my mom is 66 and my dad is 65). My son (the 15 year old) is bipolar, ODD, and ADHD. I work 3 jobs and barely get to sleep at night, and forget about eating--there's just no time.

Ever since I was a kid, my parents have hated me. My delinquent younger brother, however, could do no wrong. When he would get in trouble in school, I would be the one to get punished because I clearly did not keep a close enough eye on him during the day (he was 2 grades behind me) and I did not set a positive example for him to follow. I would usually be sent to my room as soon as I got off the bus (sometimes before I even walked through the door) and wouldn't get to come out for the rest of the day (except to take a shower).

I grew up in South Texas and no one ever raised their eyes at the fact that I would often show up to school in the warmer months dressed in turtlenecks and long pants. I desperately wanted someone to ask me if everything as okay, but no one ever did. I often found myself staring at my teacher, wondering why she never thought anything was remiss; wondering if she were in my place would she want someone to take notice. Consequently, I didn't always perform well in school.

I have tried so many times to make life better, but it always blows up in my face and my mom is right there saying 'I told you so'...I have no friends (lots of acquaintances who pretty much notice me about as much as my teachers did when I was a kid. I have several autoimmune disorders that are diagnose but untreated because I have no insurance (because I work 3 jobs, my income is just over the qualifying threshold).

All I want is someone I can trust, someone who will listen and really care, but that seems so out of reach. I have pretty low expectations here and am not expecting any replies. But thanks for reading it anyway.
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replied March 10th, 2013
Don't think so bad of yourself, your a mother of 4 children whom love you very much, you make them so happy as you work so hard, dont worry one day they will grow up and look after you, just because your parents don't really bother doesn't mean that you shouldn't give up, your life could have been alot worse you could live in India on the streets with nothing.
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