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single mom to a 2yr old and one on the way 21

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am very lost and just havent got to talk to anyone about my problems

I am 20 and turn 21 in dec i have a 2 yr old daughter i am a single mom to and her father pays child support and maybe a occassional visit. i am in school for nursing and business and am 3 semesters away from graduating. i have a great job and am making 50k a yr. i own a house and when me and the guy i been with got engaged i decideded to rent it and move in with him cause im pregnant. i am not a typical single mom i have goals and want to do well for me and my children. i met some one and planned on getting married. i switched birth controls and got pregnant an am currently pregnant. he acts happy but then i know he is sleeping around and i really feel is using me for my money. i confronted him and he backhanded me and kicked me out of my truck. all the furniture is mine and when i got their he handed me a bag and said nine tenths of law is possessions and i have to show receipts. i have thousands of dollars worth of furniture laptops and even a receipt for my daughters crib. i was able to get it but it still hurts dramatically to know he does not love me and know the truth and seen what he has done. we are over with and will not get back together i feel horrible and just at a loss of words to have to raise 2 kids on my own. i wanted things so badly to work out between us and i really did try. i know it is goign to be extremely hard to raise 2 children. i know that i have lots of self respect for myself that maybe another guy wont see that. im not even really worried about the dating cause im concentrating on my children and betterig my life. my question is do you know anyone who has had 2 children and doing fine and well. any advice is welcomed thanks.
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