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single because i misread the signals?

About six months ago while out in a mixed group i met a lady who was with friends of some of th people i was with.we got on realy well had a lot of laughs and what i thought was flirting and an interest in each other.Due to myself working shifts i have seen her again out three times and we always spend the whole night out together.
So this weekend i was out and we met up again by chance.she had changed her hair colour asked me what i prefered did i like it up or down while doing sexy looks etc.later on in the evening i was watching he
r dancing and when she came back she said i love you watching me dancing gives me goosebumps.we spent the eve talking laughing, having a good time with bit of contact her running her nails up my thighs etc few as i knew her birtday was comeing up i asked her out for a meal what followed was every exscuse thet could be thought up.
Do i just misread signals i had this happen before but was told by that person i made them feel alive when they were with me and they get caught up in the moment but my looks and image are not with the person i realy am.i know that im not good looking bloke is this the reason why as i went out with someone few times before the bombshell was dropped although its great being with you your just to ugly.
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replied April 16th, 2013
Extremely eHealthy

Sorry you haven't had an earlier reply.

I don't think your looks has anything to do with your experiences at all. Clearly she enjoyed being with you for the evening as long as it was a chance meeting.
Clearly the reason she rejected your invitation was because her personal circumstances aren't exactly as she presented them to you if she told you anything at all.

Someone, somewhere must have a prior claim on her birthday and the possibilities are endless. If someone has a prior claim for a birthday the chances are high they can legitimately claim other time too.

Could be she likes to escape and become another person sometimes. Perhaps she just doesn't like birthdays...

Good luck!
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