Being in highschool, being in a relationship is something everyone has had at least once, except for me, I've never had a boyfriend in my life. At first I didn't find it important, your in highschool to get ready to go to college, short term relationships just slow you down. All my friends have boyfriends and when I hang out with them they come along too, it's just awkward, like being the third-wheel. Is it because i'm ugly that I've never been asked out, I don't know, but the feeling of being alone isn't one that just goes away. It started in middle school and I in 11th grade now and still feel the sadness. I'm just tired of being alone, its painful. I never tell people my feeling because I have problems with trusting people, since being bullied in middle school, I just shut people out. I don't want to sound full of myself, boo ho I feel sorry for myself, but that's just how I feel. I just don't know what's wrong with me, that nobody finds me attractive.
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replied May 14th, 2013
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Very few people are actually ugly so I doubt it is that.

Looks don't matter much for intelligent people and I suspect it is your experience of bullying that has had an impact on your body language and phraseology that sends "leave me alone" messages to other people and feeling lonely and unliked is likely to cause you to emphasise those qualities further.

Most people admire classic beauty or prettiness and a fine figure but these attributes are only skin deep and it is other qualities that make a person, especially a woman, attractive.
Those qualities are too numerous and mostly too subliminal to list but an attractive person does strike the right balance between several extremes: of seriousness and frivolousness, of intelligence and stupidity, of pride and humility, of comedy and tragedy and so on and those things all together in one package stimulate something in other people that attracts them because they find them amusing, entertaining, intelligent, informative, philosophical and many other things.
An attractive person is somebody another person simply wants to be with or in company with for any or all of those reasons and/or just a simple matter of chemistry; as I said it is mostly subliminal.

Attractive people spend their whole lives learning how to be attractive without knowing they are either learning how or attractive because genuine humility is necessarily a part of attractiveness.
Much of what makes an attractive person attractive is how they manage and execute their social skills.

I guess it would be fair to assume you have missed out on first-hand learning of those social skills but it is never too late to start and you begin simply as the others did years before by observing and mimicking until the phraseology and body language becomes part of your psyche and personality. There are few genuinely original personalities in our world; mostly people are composites of others.

One of the most essential qualities an attractive person needs is a sense of humour and fun and that most essential of people-managing tools - the smile!
Smile in the right way at the right time and you are bound to captivate someone.

Good luck!
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