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7 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress

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7 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress
We all now live in a world full of complexities caused by advanced technology. People are striving hard to get ahead with everyone else. These cause a lot of stress in our lives. Are these all worth considering in the end, these will affect our health and well-being? Here are some simple steps on how to prevent and reduce stress in our lives.
1) Do not sweat the small stuff
It is easy to get angry and stressed when things don’t happen your way. Do not easily get angry and irritated by small matters. Let it go. It’s just a small matter.

2) Take a deep breath
Simple relaxation techniques help a lot to reduce stress. Let’s say you have forgotten your car keys at home and you’re already in the car park and you’re bigtime late for work. A normal person would react by cursing and getting angry while getting the keys. I suggest you just take a deep breath for few seconds and Relax. You are going to get the car keys anyway so getting stressed wouldn’t change that fact.

3) Watch and Read Good News Only
Most people are actually not aware that what they see on TV / internet and what they read on paper usually affect their stress level. Reading bad news, though you are not directly involved on the issue increases your stress level psychologically. Try to watch feel good movies and funny Youtube videos and read positive articles like those on Cosmopolitan online. These will change your disposition in life thinking that life is full of happy and fun moments. Life has a lot of good things to offer so watch and read the good ones only.

4) Do things one at a time and Do not wait for tomorrow. Prepare a “To Do” list.
If you have some time to do a particular task today, just do it. Do not allow tasks and things to do to pile up and make you feel overwhelmed. Do not wait and delay for tomorrow. Do it now so you won’t be stressing and thinking about it the next day. Having a To Do list and planning ahead can also help manage your tasks.

5) Drink a cup of tea
Drinking tea has a lot of health benefits. Drinking tea helps us to feel relaxed. Try taking Lipton’s Pure Green Tea and Lipton’s Herbal teas. Peppermint and Pineapple Chamomile herbal teas are famous for their relaxing and calming effects.

6) Exercise
When we exercise, our body releases endorphins which is a chemical in our brain that acts as natural pain killer and reduces our stress. So go and exercise. It will keep you fit and will make you happy.

7) Practise Zen Mentality
Zen is a way of being and a state of mind. Zen is being calm and being passive. It is not allowing your emotions to be affected by a certain situation. Let’s say you are caught in a traffic jam and you are already late for a meeting at work. This is a stressful situation whereby a person normally gets agitated and stressed. For a person practising zen mentality, they wouldn’t be bothered by this situation. They are late and there is nothing they can do about this situation so they just don’t bother. They don’t spend the whole time looking at their watch to see what time it is and if they can make it on time. There is nothing they can do about the traffic situation. That is something beyond their control. But what they can control is their state of mind and reaction to this situation. They normally keep their cool and would just simply make a choice. It’s either just wait until they reach office or make a call to their boss to apologize and say that they will be late without worrying. They are late and that is the fact. So just keep calm and do not worry about it. Life goes on.

Always remember. Less Stress. Happy Life.

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First Helper User Profile letslivelovelaugh

replied October 16th, 2014
I am Alena Collin. I am new to this Forum and I have read some posts and like them. These are good and advice's are really helpful to diminish the stress. Doing regular exercise can also help a lot to reduce the stress. I have added 1 hour in a day for exercise. This help me to be fresh a day! One must try, it really works!
Thank you!
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replied October 28th, 2014
Relieve Stress with Yoga -Yoga helps you to access an inner strength that allows you to face the sometimes-overwhelming fears, frustrations, and challenges of everyday life.

The Complete Breath technique is a must for anyone who often feels "stressed out."
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replied November 12th, 2014
One of the most effective stress reduction strategies I have encountered is called Repose. It's very simple and costs nothing to do
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replied November 20th, 2014
So true celina.Yoga helps a lot to reduce stress.
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