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6 Signs Prove You Are Stressed

There are some common symptoms such as not easily getting sleep, white spots on the nails or feeling dizzy,… could be signs prove you are stressed.

1. Can not sleep
One of signs prove you are stressed is you cannot sleep. In spite of being exhausted after working a long day, you can not easily fall sleep. It is ironic! Because of being under stress, you can not stop thinking about troubles you are facing to. Regardless of what time it is your body is still in overdrive mode. Of course, you can not sleep and even will not have enough energy for activities in the following day.

Signs Prove You Are Stressed

2. Get sick
If you have some troubles in getting sleep, you will easily be sick. Studies proved that while you are under stress, your immune system becomes suppressed by over 30%. When you continuously have been working with high-stress levels, it is difficult for you to recover from any disease or minor illness. You should maintain a healthy mind and body to avoid from getting sick and reduce stress.

Signs Prove You Are Stressed

3. Have digestive problems
Having digestive issues is one of the signs of being under too much pressure. The feeling of nausea directly responds to the stress you are standing. It is not just a quick rumble in your stomach. It can lead to many issues with your digestive system such as vomiting or other problems.

4. Feel dizzy and light-headed
When you are feeling stressed, you actually deprive yourself of oxygen with each short breaths which cause dizziness.

All things you need to do are taking deep breaths and relaxing instead of "holding it in".

5. Become indifferent sexually.
Your sex drive is likely to reduce when you are under stress and have a ton of problems on your mind. You will not have the mood at al or not be able to focus. Doing exercise is helping you reduce stress. This's one of signs of stress that you shouldn't ignore.

Signs Prove You Are Stressed

6. White spots on the nails
The white spots on the nails often are signs of calcium deficiency. However, it is also the expression of other mineral deficiency. It is zinc.

Zinc plays an important role in many enzyme systems in our bodies. It boosts immune systems and supports the production of hormone, including insulin and reproductive hormones. This mineral easily depleted when we are under stress, and we can identify periods of stress from the moon spots appear on the nails.
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