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Signs of last days of 4th stage colrectal cancer

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Colorectal cancer is serious and life-threatening. This section outline types of colorectal cancers, causes and risk factors for development. Get the facts here...
Although most colon cancers begin slowly, there are some people who are more at risk of developing colorectal cancer than others. But who? And why?...
As symptoms of colorectal cancer appear, they typically vary upon location and size. Learn to identify signs and symptoms early. Know when to seek help....
I have 4th stage colorectal cancer which has spread to the liver and lungs. My oncologist told me I was in the last months. We have been through it all. We have fought it for 4 years now and I am tired. I am okay with dying. If that is what the Lord wants for me. And I am okay if He wants to heal me too. It is His decision. I am ready to let God be God. My question is, how will I know when it is close to the end? What are some of the signs to look for? My sister wants me to relocate and live with her in the final days. I am not ready to give up on life, but I do not want to die alone in my home either. Can someone please tell me what to look for? I don''t know how I got to this sight, but if you could write me. I would appreciate it. At least let me know how to get back here. My email is a small L at the beginning and the number 1 at the end. Thanks
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replied July 30th, 2010
You will be cured
Just pray to god.Nothing would happen to you.I pray to god as well for you.
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