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Signs of gluten intolerance/celiac disease

I've been just recently researching gluten intolerances, because I think I might have several of the symptoms. I am female around 20 years old, and although I haven't put two and two together until now, I think I may have started developing some of the symptoms around 16 or 17. I always ate a ton of cereal in high school, and towards the end I started getting terrible diarrhea and bloating. Also the most terrible tasting burps. I'm pretty sure I'm anemic, and bleed like crazy whenever I get cut. I have a very light bone structure and very low bone density. When I got to college, I started feeling fatigued when exercising after a few months, and ascribed it to overtraining and poor diet (which it most likely was). Now for the past few months I have been eating a diet similar to the South Beach Diet, and have significantly cut my carb intake. I think this has helped my digestion greatly, since I don't have the severe diarrhea or bloating that I do when I eat cereal, pasta, and flour. Also, come to think of it, my mom gets indigestion as well when it comes to eating certain wheat products, though I don't know exactly the extent of it.

I'm wondering if it would be worth it to go to a doctor and see what kind of allergy/possible celiac disease I might have, and how severely I need to restrict my diet. Any advice?
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replied April 11th, 2011
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