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side effects of quitting smoking ?

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My boyfriend stopped smoking cold turkey a few weeks ago and he said that this last week he's been coughing up a black stringy stuff and sometimes there are red specks in it, probably blood. He said he thinks he had bronchitis last week. He's been having really bad hot flashes and sweats like crazy when he does. He's worried because he doesn't think that it's from him stopping smoking, he says his body hurts. Is it just some serious side-effects of quitting smoking or could it possibly be something else like an infection or pneumonia or something? Please help. He doesn't have the money at the moment to go to the doctor's to find out, so I'm trying to research.
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replied September 4th, 2008
Quitting smoking is probably one ot the best things, your husband made, for his health.

According to his symptoms (coughing and phlegm) he probably has some respiratory infection. It is impossible that some respiuratory infection could be a side effect of quiting smoking. In fact smoking could provoke a respiratory infection.

Blood in the phlegm should be taken very seriously so he should ask for medical attention as soon as possible.

I hope that YOU won't persuade him to start smoking again in order to stop the coughing.
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replied March 30th, 2011
quitting smoking health risks
thats a mega lie that there are no health risks from quitting smoking, out of 10 people I have known in the last 3 years all 10 had lung issues that later turned into some kind of Cancer most died within a year of quitting smoking. I myself only smoked for about 10 years and quit and I feel horrible most days,
Truth is there is way to much money made by promoting quitting smoking by all sides so no one but a real smoker who quit will be honest because they have nothing to gain unless they are on a commercial. Insurance,politicians,doctors,etc all make boat loads of money from Quitters, and a funny thing I found out most Nicotine Gum's,fake cigs,and about 80% of quitter help product companies are owned by CIGARETTE COMPANIES just like if you check Marlboro,Camel etc also make the cheaper brands they cover every side to make money from every side. Good luck life is short enjoy it and make your own path not someone else's
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replied August 6th, 2011
quit smoking - now awful asthma!
I feel for you not feeling well...I've quit smoking (5th time!) again last month. Each time I stop my asthma gets out of control! It's bizzare. Last time I quit 4 yrs ago I stopped for a year and a half and was constantly struggling to breathe and put on tons of asthma meds. Will let you know if this quit goes up in smoke Sad I really don't want to start again!!
Laurie in Canada
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replied August 30th, 2011
Shortness of Breath After Quitting Smoking
I quit three months ago cold turkey. The only side effect I have now is shortness of breath. I've been told by a doctor this is normal for some people and could last up to a year. He explained this condition as a lung cleansing process involving the newly regrown cilia. Strange, I'm short of breath 24/7, it comes and goes. If I have an episode I'll use one spray of Combivent inhaler and I'm breathing easy and normal in seconds. Anyone else experience shortness of breath after quitting? Does breathing actually improve with time?
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replied September 4th, 2011
shortness of breath from quitting cigs
yes I am experiencing shortness of breath; almost like i am foregetting to breathe and I am becoming increasingly concerned, I didnt quit too long ago, its been only 20days, my sex drive is down, its harder to breathe, appetite is not all there, and im always uncomfortable- this will all temporary for us but the breathing part is concerning to me. im 24 and work out consistently, could this be a sign of asthma? (ive never been diagnosed or had any symptoms) what did you Dr say about the shortness of breath and how old are you
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replied September 4th, 2011
First , I'll correct a typo. I'm not short of breath 24/7. Somedays maybe only one episode, somedays none. I'm now 101 days without a cig. The SOB I addressed earlier is getting better, it's just a slow process. Dr. said this condition is normal among "some" quitters and will get better. The range is 1-9 months depending on age and how long a smoker. I'm 62 and have no other health issues. Strange tho, I had no problem from smoking until the Fire Safety Cigarettes (FSC) were forced on us. Just sayin'. I noticed occassional SOB, had bronchitis once ,all after FSC. X-ray & EKG are normal.
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replied January 18th, 2012
Smoking causing asthma? hang in there
I'm not a Doc so ask them please,

So I was a smoker for 23 years. I quit two months ago and am tobacco free. I too am experiencing asthma like symptoms without the asthma. My wife had pneumonia really bad last year so we have a 02 monitor. My O2 is 98-99% when having the attacks, so I'm having trouble convincing my doctors for assistance.

I'am not trying to convert anyone, but I feel honesty or lack thereof is what causes people like me not to listen. Now to be up front, I'am a follower of Jesus Christ. He has carried me through the past two months and really all my life, It has been hard and painful, but almost an afterthought all at the same time; in a weird way I feel like I cheated on my quitting, since I just turned it all over to Him. I really went through little withdraw, mostly anxiety and stress were the big ones.. I have tried 3 times In the past, those other time I was going through severe withdrawal, unable to function if you have seen someone coming off a more serious drug habit I was more like that. Again not trying to convert anyone here, just being honest.

If you are able to take it Ibuprofen helps as does Allergy meds (please only take these if you know you can) some people cannot. Even if you can, take it to get some relief but get to a doctor as long time use of any over the counter drugs like Tylenol or Ibuprofen can also cause issues especially if you are taking the max each day for extended time(hard on kidneys). I'm hoping a second trip a few weeks later will yield better results for me.

That being said, please do not convince yourself that smoking is better, it's not. We as addicts will do or say anything to ourselves to convince us that we should not quit. In fact we may even unintentionally take people back down with us in a sub-conscious effort to not be alone in our misery.

AS to the big Tobacco companies also supplying quitting smoking aides and programs. I get it, however that was a settlement back 1998 that they had too. Once they saw there was money to be made, well given that they are a business it should not surprise anyone that they cover their basis or "hedge their bets". It does not make cigarettes any better for you.

People with good intentions have told lies to force people to quit the problem with scare tactics surrounded by lies is that the lies come out. Now we have a trust issue, so now you have people going back to smoking because they were lied to. It's also done to generate money to support their lobbying effort which if you follow the trail often has nothing to do with smoking.

More and more studies now are showing that Nicotine hits our cells at a genetic level that it will not automatically give you lung cancer, but your odds go up, especially if you have a family history. COPD is another story as this is basically lung damage.

Little known fact, a friend of mine who is an exterminator told me something really interesting. Nicotine is extremely toxic. Most cigs have about 1mg of Nicotine in them. Nicotine is fatal for most people around 30-50mg.

The reality is we are in an instant fix society. Really I defiled my body of 23 years, I can't reasonably expect that all that neglect will just go away in a month or two. From what I have read, it take about 1/2 the time you smoked to fully recover. If you are feeling bad, go to a doctor if you can't afford it, check your state website many states have sponsored programs for lower income folks. In fact check with your boss many companies now offer support and bonuses as well.

The fact that the body recovers at all, or that after a year or so you start feeling much better is frankly the miracle that God created in us. Yes I follow science and believe in God, he created it.

For me one of the benefits was seen right away. Over the past year my BP was averaging 150/90 (this is stage 1 or 2 hypertension. Given my family history of heart disease this was not good. I went to the doctor two weeks after I quite because I popped two ribs coughing (two detached ribs). my bp was 120/65 it has been averaging right around that ever since. Yes a 30 point drop in BP in a matter of weeks I don't know how typical this is but the doc says it does happen.

Hang in there, work with a doctor.
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replied April 14th, 2016
Just had a heart attack 3/11/16 and after my Dr told me to quit,or die I decided to quit actually I needed it to quit I think. I think like alot of smoker's I've heard my story more than a few times in my life. Funny thing is until it "happened to me" I was always well I'm OK,but a heart attack at 42 is why stopped me. Not sure if it's an answer, but it's where I'm at
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