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Side effects of intercourse

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I hope this isn't too much of a sensitive question but I was wondering whether there are any bad side effects or whether it is bad if a guy ejaculates inside you on a regular basis without a condom (I am on the pill)? Would there be any bad build up of any kind?
Thank you.
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replied August 11th, 2011
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With every partner that ejaculates inside you, your risk for bacterial infections (for example bacterial vaginosis or BV) increase. Bacterial infections are easy to treat but some women have problems with it reoccuring. Scientists do not quite understand what causes bacterial infections, but statistically it was shown that after 3 partners ejaculating inside you your chances dramatically increase.

You also have to make sure that the guy is STD free. If he is not a virgin, the only way you can be sure is if he gets tested.

Semen is actually healthy for a woman. It contains hormones that act as an antidepressent, regulate your cycles and keep your reproductive tract healthy, but just if the man is healthy.

For these reasons it is advisable to only allow that with long term partners.

Make sure you take your pill correctly. The pilll and condoms in combination is fail safe. The pill on its own assumes you know what to avoid and how to take it.
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