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Side effects from taking birth control pill 41st time

Hi, I'm new here giggle

So, today I got my period and I took my very first BC pill. (btw, I'm 18 years old) I was worried about it because there are so many side effects... Weight gain, nausea, cramps, acne, and stuff like that...
1 hour later,after I took my pill,I needed to go to the toilet. Immediately. And I had diarrhea. And later some really bad cramps started down there, abdominal pain of course...
I am really worried if my organism is cool with those pills. Beside that, I'm crying all day for stupid things. Especially when I was arguing with my boyfriend, which is very strange I don't cry for stupid small things ...
So 7 hours have passed from taking the pill and I feel kinda okay. The cramps are not so bad anymore, I don't think they will be till tomorrow, when I take the pill again.
This is new for me and I'd like to know more stuff. It's true that most of the things I want to know are on the internet, but I'd like to know your opinion about this pill and how it is affecting you Question

Thank you all for your answers.
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replied February 23rd, 2013
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Most women will get past bad side effects after 2 or 3 cycles. Then only the good side effects are left, like shorter, lighter and predictable periods, less cramping, clear skin and hair.

If you think the side effects are endangering your life or mental health, stop and tell your doctor. Anything short of that, keep on taking it.
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