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Side effects after taking Cocodamol

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I had a pain in my shoulder last night and thought I had taken Ibuprofen but after a couple of hours I started getting crippling pains in my chest so I looked at the packet and realised I had taken Cocodamol. I know that I cannot take these after having a severe reaction to them about 4 years ago which resulted in my husband having to call an ambulance! Anyway after I realised what I had taken I started to panic as I was on my own and the pain was so severe I was rolling around on the floor. I called NHS Direct as I did not know what to do and they managed to calm me down. The pain lasted for around 3 hours and I have had no sleep whatsoever. I was just wondering if anyone else had expeienced the same sort of thing and if they knew what had caused it.

I feel absolutely dreadful today and cannot get an appointment with my GP.
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