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Sickly feeling while on the Patch

I've been on the patch for a few months and was wondering can we take anything for the sicky feeling because tbh i wake up I feel alight as soon as i eat my tea the headaches and the feeling of sickness turns up but when i have a little snack at night i feel fine do you think it's because am eating too much ?

any advice is appreciated, THANKS DANI
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replied April 4th, 2014
Extremely eHealthy

Your body might be being influenced by your choice of contraception if that is what your patches are for but some people simply should not eat breakfast until they have had a couple of hours of activity after waking.

It is possible you have developed a farmer's digestion rather than actually eating too much.
Dairy farmers (especially) tend to rise early and with only a strong cup of tea inside them complete a couple of hours of hard work before returning home for a main meal breakfast.

I have had a farmer's digestion all my life where anything but the most leisurely breakfast can cause me to feel quite ill for several hours and even spoil a large part of my day. Other people can develop such a thing as they grow older and their bodies change.

After waking on a working day I eat nothing until mid-morning and the rest of my day is fine. The first few hours I spend rehydrating and topping up my caffeine levels; quite essential after 8 or 10 hours of sleep.

The headache and nausea you experience could be caused by the withdrawal symptoms of a caffeine addiction rather than a farmer's digestion. It amounts to the same thing though. You shouldn't eat anything until your caffeine levels have been topped up by a number of suitable caffeine laced drinks.
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