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Shrinking testicles and large scrotal vein

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I guess I'll be frank about this: I'm an 18 year old experiencing major emotional problems regarding his sexual being. My problem is that my testicles are small; to be exact, they're probably about the same size they were when I was 8. They're not showing signs of growth at all, which worries me and makes me feel incredibly inadequate (I can't even function normally in gym class). To make matters worse, when they shrink due to change in temperature it's minutely painful. I'm not sure if this has any part to it, but there's a huge scrotal vein running down the middle of my sack, and it's been there as long as I can remember. Everytime I look down there and feel around, it feels like they're shrinking.

I've been to the doctor already regarding this, and he assures me everything's fine, even after having endured being struck thrice with a metal tennis racket. My testesterone levels are normal according to test results, but my sperm is always "agglutinated", or whatever the term is. Given that everything regarding my testicles seems out of place, I find it hard to believe that everything's alright down there. If anyone could shed some light, it would be greatly appreciated; It's causing me mad relationship problems.
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replied September 1st, 2009
Don't Fret Over the Small Stuff...
Truth be told, I experienced the same thing. Over time, I have just come to accept myself and actually enjoy myself more than ever. Try going to a nude beach. It seems ever so daunting at first, but then after a while, you kind of just get used to it and soon you realize you like yourself more than you thought you could. I find myself more and more comfortable every day. Instead of looking for a problem on which to blame it on, just accept yourself as you are and move on. If your partner has such a concern about it then perhaps they are not meant for you. My partner and I enjoy each other very much, regardless. I go from less than 1" of penis size (when cold) to 6" full grown. My testicles go up and down all day, and I too have a large pronounced seam on my testicles. Anyway, just enjoy yourself. There are more like you than you realize. Again, just enjoy...
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