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Shrinking caused by sensitivity ?

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Hi,I'm just fifteen and 2 years ago i had a mind blowing experience.When i was in the toilet finishing defecating i learned from the internet to clean the glans.So i did,but at that point my glans was so sensitive and when when i retract my foreskin and use paper towel to wipe it,suddenly my testicle becomes dry,filled with no fluid and is hanging down low.After that,my penis got very soft(with the glans still open) then what it seems that i can't pee with my glans open as i'm not circumcised,suddenly this thick colored yellow fluid went pass through and out and i believed it is from the scrotum itself.Since then many things started to happen.My penis shrink to child size,and when i open the gland it would not automatically erect like it was used to.The glans would wrinkle.My testicle also has been in a different state,it would go up and down as long as it wants to,my child-size penis would also grow longer,shorter,thicker,thinner,softer as long as it wants to.Plus the curvy lines on my scrotum have disappeared,replace by tiny white round bumps,and usually my scrotum goes to an itchy state.It also seems like its never get filled with fluid anymore.So i need your help to find out what caused the shrinking and all of that and the possible treatment.To me it was caused by the sensitivity of the glans,which trigger what i called a Shy Penis.Which went inward to the body hiding.In the few months leading the worst situation is that whats left of it was the glans itself.Please i really need your helf,you guys are the only one that could help me ! I have searched about shrinking but google says its fake,and about shrinking caused by sensitivity? No Results ! Please help me i'm serious !!!
Thank You
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replied April 28th, 2013
The thick coloured yellow fluid sounds like semen. Ejaculation. Just do a google search for semen ejaculation.
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