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shoulderblade cramp or pain or problem

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i have a pain i guess next to or on my shoulderblade, when i turn my nec to the right far enough it hurts, it sort of like a cramp crosswith something stopping my bone from moving over, when i first got it, it reduced me to tears and i had to lay on my stomach with my head turned to the left and my right arm on my back, it happened when i was on my computer and i went to stretch and a leant back and ouch, i leaned forward and i yelled a little. the pain is on the right side in the same place as i used to get burning pains on my left side from school chairs. i started getting the burning pain when i was about 16 and i am now 19 and still have that and now this new pain from pulling something in my back, any help would be nice.

as i was typing this i yawned and it hurt again from stretching.

oh and also to add in, i used to use the school chairs to lean over backwards to stretch and it felt good, after i while id hear a crack along my spine like cracking your knuckles and now it cracks a few times, it sounds like 4-8 constant cracks right after the other, and about once a week id hear and feel a really loud one in my lower back. i just thought i might add this and also that my farther has 3 back problems one was a virus that ate at his muscle on his right side and his right leg is smaller then his left because his bloodflow through his back is lower because of something, and he has something wrong with his right shoulder. to get it fixed it would cost him over 10,000 dollars apparently. but he cant get that so he is now on disability.
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replied July 14th, 2010
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it sounds like you have postural problems you might find it helpful to visit a chiropractor or a Trip to a doctor might be a good idea for x rays at least if not an MRI however a regular doctor will probably not recognise postural problems so if he cant help i would suggest a good chiro if thier treatmentn is not helpful discontinue seeing them.
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