I'm 23 years old and about 3 months ago, I began having some discomfort in my left shoulder and neck. It feels like a burning pain in my shoulder muscle, with numbness in the skin and sporadic itching. It has worsened in the past two weeks. I do have an office job, but I have changed the height of my chair, position of my keyboard and I've improved my posture as I work. Nothing has helped.

I suffered from a separated RIGHT shoulder about a year prior to the pain in my LEFT shoulder starting. This wouldn't be connected, would it?

Several people have given me advice...some say it sounds like shingles, some say it sounds like a pinched nerve in my neck, and some say it could be complications of having large breasts (DD).

All I know is that it hurts, and it is getting worse. Please help!
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replied January 19th, 2010
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I would say to go to an Orthopedist and get his/her expertise as far as advice...All you are having is guessing by other people...Good luck...

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