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shoulder numbness, tingling and pain radiating arm,neck and jaw

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i got cts release surgery in 2010 but still the chronic pain persists.i have a frozen shoulder,pain,tingling and numbness in the shoulder.the pain radiates to the left elbow,hand,collar bone,jaw,neck and also gives a migraine.i have been using gabantin,naproxen and also haven a tricort shot but as of now the condition still same.also grip strength has reduced and trembling is there.have tried physiotherapy which has given little relief.what could it be?? i guess cts is back.
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replied May 17th, 2012
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You do not have cts again.

What you have, is dislocated and pinched nerves in your elbow, shoulder, neck and upper back areas. These nerves need to be reset soonest. I know as I have been a Healer for 14+ years.

You should see a specialist in this field to reset those nerves.

Good Luck
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