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Shoulder/Neck Pain in conjunction with numbness in thumb, index

For approximately 3 weeks, I've been waking up with my left hand completely numb. It takes it hours, sometimes all day to feel any normalness in the hand. I've been to a general practitioner and a physical therapist this time around, nothing is helping. I had a carpal tunnel test last year with the results showing minimal signs of carpel tunnel, although surgery was not recommended. The pain is worse after PT and a round of Prednisone taper. No one has made any type of diagnosis after spending thousands of dollars I'm at my wits end. What should I try next?
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replied July 12th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

It sounds like you have had progression of your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Night waking or waking up with numbness/tingling and/or pain in the hand is a hallmark of CTS. The irritation of the nerve is often exacerbated while we sleep, due to positioning of the wrists while asleep.

When we sleep, we tend to flex down the wrists, flex the elbows, and put our hands up around the chin, or under the head. This positioning causes more compression on the median nerve.

So, if you are having daily night waking or waking up with the hands numb, or they go to sleep with static grasping activities during the day, you need to see a hand surgeon, to see if surgery is now warranted.

Good luck.
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