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shoulder feel like it's going to pop out, can't train

Hello everyone, this is to be my first post!

I am in need of some advice, i have been training for just over 5 months now and have seen some great gains that I am really proud of but around 3 weeks ago, a niggling injury got more severe and has prevented me from training. The pain is in the shoulder (id say probably the front) and has been getting progressively worse as i have tried to work through it, I was only experiencing pain when doing bench press variations (such as flat incline dumbbell, Olympic bar etc) but on one of the last training sessions before i stopped it felt like it was going to come out of the socket while doing dumbbell shrugs so i stopped and called it a day. The final training session I did got to the point where it was causing alot of pain doing incline dumbbell press and when I went to lean forward and rest the dumbells on my knees when coming up (if you know what i mean) i got a sharp sensation from my shoulder.

I have been to the hospital last week and saw a physio who could not find anything as for the most part now it doesn't hurt at all but when i move it in a certain way, such as towel drying my hair after a shower, I feel pain and the pain will stay for a moment or two. the pain goes away if i lift the arm straight up in the air but it lingers if i leave it down by my side.

I had not felt any pain in a few days so I decided to go back to the gym to do some light training and see how it felt, bench exercises absolutely fine, shoulder press fine, lateral and front raises fine, lateral pull down was also fine. but when i tried seated row when my arms fully extended it felt as though it was going to come straight out of the socket and if i hadn't transferred the full weight to my other hand it would have done so. even then it was not really painful but really did scare me.

I have had multiple shoulder dislocations which resulted in surgery on my other shoulder due to a motocross accident and would prefer not to go through it again! at first I thought it might have been the rotor cuff giving out from lifting too great a weight than my body was used to but im just not sure at all.

Can anyone help me? I absolutely love bodybuilding and the lifestyle and don't want to give it up for anything!

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replied November 28th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

It is not uncommon for patients who do extensive amounts of training to develop overuse syndromes. For the most part, these will respond to a reduction in the amount and length of workouts and/or a change in biomechanics (if the problem is being caused by improper biomechanics).

Unfortunately, those patients who are “in to” extensive training and competition, will not usually give the body part enough time to heal itself. They want to get back to training and competing, so they return too soon, with too much weight and/or intensity of workouts.

While it is uncommon for instability of the shoulder to occur from weightlifting, it is possible. But, the only way to know if it is a labral injury (resulting in an instability pattern), or a problem is one of the many tendons crossing the shoulder, would take a thorough evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon.

Since you are wanting to continue to lift, you should probably see an orthopedic surgeon as soon as you can. If it is an instability, there are ways to build up specific muscles to stabilize the joint. But, if that does not work, then a stabilization procedure may be needed. But, again, the only way to tell is with a thorough eval.

Good luck.
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