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shoulder blade pops and has a tingling feeling, that runs..

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My shoulder blade pops and has a tingling feeling, that runs done into my elbow(I was told it it might be Ulnar nerve damage by my doc, but i think it might be more) and right into my hand and fingers that effects both my ring and pinky finger. there is not too many movements that actually don't bug me. this happened last yr when i feel on my arm with 50 lb book bag on my back and my shoulder blade popped then. I am loosing strength in the arm and hand and am dropping lots of items with out knowing.
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replied June 5th, 2012
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Your shoulder joint has gone out of slignment. These exercises will fix this:

1) STRAIGHT ARM at the WALL. Please bear with me, it's worth the effort!
a) Stand facing the wall.
b) Straight your left arm horizontally, or slight above horizontal, out to the side.
c) Put the pinkie side of your left hand (edge) against the wall so your thumb is pointing AWAY from the wall or downwards towards the floor. Rotation comes form the shoulder, not through the arm.
d) Press the PALM of your RIGHT hand against the wall like a pushup position. Use this force to rotate your chest and stretch your left pectoral muscles.
e) Let your left shoulder drop BACK and DOWN.
f) As your shoulder relaxes, rotate your torso further to increase the stretch in your shoulder.

Cool The "Arthur Fonzerelli".
a) Stand with arms at your sides.
b) Put a Yoga block between each upper arm and side of your chest.
c) With your elbows slightly BEHIND your torso, press into the blocks. You will feel your arms rotating so your thumbs point straight ahead.
d) Bend your arms like your are doing and arm curl.
e) Rotate your forearms OUTWARDS.
OPTIONAL: stand back to the wall and press the backs of your hands INTO the wall. You do not need Yoga blocks for this step.

3) "WALL SHOULDER PRESS" (Do a Google search)
- It's the one where your back is to the wall.
- Arms against the wall like a scarecrow.
- Raise them over head while keeping arms against the wall.

a) Standard pushup but put Yoga blocks under each hand.
- Elbows should be at your sides.
b) Allow the force of your hands to push your shoulders back before lifting your chest off the ground.

a) Sit on the second from bottom steps on a staircase.
b) Lift your hands up behind you and place them on the third step.
c) Lift your body up and down by bend and straight your elbows / arms.
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