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Shoulder blade pain down arm to elbow

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I had rotator cuff surgery for torn supraspinatus tendon on the 2nd of September this year. MRI showed some of the the tendon had come off the bone and formed a pocket. The tendon bursa was debrided and the tendon was fixed down to the bone with four anchors on either side of the shoulder. Complete healing will take 6-8 months. So far everything is going to plan.

Before the operation I was getting pain down my arm to the elbow, like a toothache-type of pain. Apparently his has now been diagnosed as muscle strain from the rhomboids (or RSI)from over-training,so my Chinese Doctor tells me. He says that inflammation is causing referred nerve pain down my arm. He has been treating me for the last two weeks with acupuncture and herbs to help with blood flow for healing. He says this will take quite a while to heal. Is there anyone out there on E-Health who has had similar problems and how did they resolve their pain. It is now 10 weeks since my surgery but the pain down my arm is still there and mentally it is starting to affect. I have to take opioid analgesia when the pain is intolerable. I have good days when I don't need the analgesia but they are far and few between. I am wondering if there is any nerve damage and will be seeing my gp tomorrow morning to ask for an MRI request to see if there are any bone spurs or nerve impingement.
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replied November 8th, 2014
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You could have some dislocated and / Pinched nerves between your should blades.

It would need to be checked to see if this is really the problem.

You might want to see a massage therapist and ask he or she to check this out.

In Canada, it would not take long as I would know what it is and would correct the problem soonest.
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