Injured since November 1st it's now July 5th. My primary sent me to PMR doctor that couldn't care less. After mths of PT and no pain meds I developed a list/lateral shift and even more pain from that, he still wouldn't even look at my back or offer an explainarion and was very rude about it. Thankfully PT explained what it was and over next 2 mths was able to correct the lateral shift! The Dr finally gave me Norco 5mg so I could even get to all my PT appts.

Dr promised to review my MRI w me by phone but had a nurse call and just say you'll be seeing a nerosurgeon from here on, they'll call you- No info and refused to have Dr call me. I only stuck with them bc i knew i was severely injured and needed that MRI! Finally orders it and MRI shows large herniated disc with severe spinal stenosis.

I'm now scheduled for Nerosurgeon consult but it's not until late August. My primary says "Surgery is a certainty " but to find a new PMR Dr for before & after surgery care. I call around and they say things like: You're already scheduled for a surgeon consult ...just wait till then and pmr doctors do not prescribe medicine they just recommend PT and that I need a pain management doctor instead. primary said find a PMR Dr...and I have gotten a little worse. I have more nerve leg pain that sustains sometimes for days ever time I walk. I can't control my gas at all. It just farts on it's own and I don't even know it's coming. It has to be related and scares me.

I have meds till Aug 1st but then what?! I can not take care of myself without my meds. Even with them, I can only leave the house for Dr appts! And it's a real real struggle.

So do I find a PMR Dr? Do I find a pain management Dr? I know that PMR Drs DO prescribe ! Can pain management Dr answer questions about symptoms? Maybe tge PMR Dr will try injections so I can MOVE AROUND ?

I feel like I'm lost and no one cares.
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