My story; Skip to MY SYMPTOM if you don't want to hear my problems.

My work involves lifting daily. I had 3 or 4 backaches a year.
April 2010 I had a backache that lasted longer, then I had a spasm across my right buttocks, I was at the Dr. at 8am and said get me in and do something.
He diagnosed sciatica and gave me a Prednisone shot, flexeril and hydrocodone, plus a series of prednisone pills. I suffered and after about a year I got an MRI, this told me what the doc did, I had a herniated disc, actually two, L5/S1 and L4/L5.
I have low back pain, (right) leg pain, leg tingling, leg cramps, buttocks pain (piriformis muscle), twitching areas on my leg, and odd spots of pain.
I'm having some pain on my left lower back, sometimes worse than my right side.
I have been through physical therapy, massage, pain killers, home exercises, and acupuncture.

While sitting in the bathtub, I pointed my toes down and noticed the calf muscle tightens up firm on my left leg but was floppy on my right leg. I showed this to my General Physician and he suggested I see a surgeon. I filled out all the paperwork, including a pain intensity chart. I put 4 as the intensity of my pain.
This is very subjective and depends on when, level of pain killer, and more. I may have been optimistic when I filled out the paperwork. There have been days that I spend most of my time in bed, because of back pain.
Anyway, he said I wasn't in enough pain for surgery. That was a bit of a relief as I really didn't want back surgery, but I left a little down because I'm still in the same pickle! He also didn't pay any attention to the lack of tone or control to my calf muscle.
So, I can walk ok, my calf muscles seem to be the same size, but the right one does NOT seem to get very involved in the flexing of my foot.
Should I see another surgeon, another type of doctor?
It is obvious to me the signal from my brain is not getting to the calf muscle
to make it flex. Is there something I should do?
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replied December 9th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

Can you walk on your tip toes? If you can, then the muscle strength in the gastro/soleus would be condsidered normal.

If you are so weak that you cannot stand and walk on your tip toes, then you might want to see your surgeon again.

Good luck.
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replied December 9th, 2012
Yes, I can walk on my tip toes, I took a 40ft walk on tip toes and notice a slight tiredness, like I over used the calf muscle. On the right calf only.
I wonder if the nerve will grow back and will I ever get proper function?
Thanks, Mavam
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