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Should i go back on SSRIs?

Hey everybody iam new to the forum and iam from Bulgaria and please excuse me for my bad English
I'll try to tell you everything about my story.I got my first panic attack before 4-5 years and was somethink terribly.After that i went to a psychiatrist
and he gave me zoloft.So i started with zoloft for 2-3 months and i get my second panic attack and i was very scary.After that i start with seroxat and clonazepam for the cases in which iam very anxius.So i was on seroxat for 4-5 years and was generally well , and in very rare cases used clonazepam.
So 3-4 months ago I decided one day to stop the seroxat at once(i know that is not the right way but i did it)
At the first days i was very dizzy,cold turkey and other side effects.After 2-3 weeks the side effects almost disappeared.Now after 3-4 months that iam not taking the seroxat started to feel very weak,and a very bad feeling.Iam very anxiety,depressed,slightly dizzy,I have nausea and i dont know what to do!I wake up the morning and i feel awful and i started to freak!I think all the time that i have a serious disease and i want to go to doctors and getting help.
I forgot to say that iam a singer by profession and many times is very difficult for me to sing publicity.Should i go back on SSRIs?
Before an hour i got clonazepam 0,5 mg and calmed me down a little but now again i get sweat and anxious and dont know what to do.Is it possible to have another problem some?
Please help me!!
Thanks very much!
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replied June 19th, 2013
I don't know much about that drug but I would talk to a doctor before just starting them again I guess....I suppose you could just start again, after all those years its a shame you stopped what was working.
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