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Got pain under your left side ribs? Is your left abdomen swollen or tender to touch? You might be dealing with a problem related to the spleen!...
Certain diseases can cause the spleen to swell to several times its normal size. Learn the signs and symptoms of spleen problems here....
An enlarged spleen is the result of an underlying disorder. What spleen disorders do doctors consider during diagnosis? What tests do they use?...
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CT abdomen and pelvis without contrast Clinical history splenic mass Findings
: The liver is enlarged. It measures 27 cm in length the spleen is enlarged
and measures 19.2 cm in length. It demonstrates several abnormal low attenuation
areas, the largest in the anterior spleen measuring 4.8 cm. It also
demonstrates a lobulated contour. Contrast is seen within the kidneys from
prior IV contrast administration. Patchy bibasal atelectasis is noted. Mass
effect on the upper pole the left kidney by the spleen is demonstrated.
Aorta shows no evidence of aneurysm. There is increased number of abnormal nodes in
the abdomen at the root of mesentery in the periaortic and aortocaval
regions no free fluid or free and perineal air is seen. Impression #1 hepatomegaly
2. Splenomegaly with abnormal low attenuation areas within the spleen and mass effect on the upper pole left kidney. 3. Abnormal mesenteric and retroperitoneal adenopathy with increased numbers of
small lymph nodes present.
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