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Should i be concerned about my nail health?

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Hi, some of my finger nails are looking a bit wierd and i am trying to figure out if i should see a doctor or be concerned about this.

About half my finger nails are showing some slight waviness or non-normal curvature where the middle of the nail dips down a bit and the end of the nail points up a bit.

This is most apparent on the nails of my two ring fingers. The nails one these fingers also seem a bit abnormally red and also have some sharper indents that run perpendicular to the rolling indents. Pictures of these nails are attached (the grooves/waves on the other fingers is probably too slight to be seen on camera).

Not sure how long it has been like this for. I think that it has only started in past 1-3 months, but i could be wrong. I haven't been able to find anything online that looks exactly like what i see on my fingers, but some things that are fairly similar (like curved nails, spoon nails) say that it could be a sign of vitamin deficienies or developing diseases.

I want to be pro-active on this if possible (but also don't want to spend time overthinking it if there is no issue).

I am 27 year old male, feel very healthy. Excersise often and eat well.

Not sure if it matters- but I used to bite my nails frequently and have mostly kicked the habit now, but sometimes find myself biting them a couple times a week.

Should i be concerned?

Should i see a doctor about this?

Or should i just wait and keep an eye on it?


Pics: IMG_1103.JPG?dl=0 IMG_1099.JPG?dl=0 IMG_1098.JPG?dl=0 IMG_1096.JPG?dl=0 IMG_1100.JPG?dl=0
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replied May 29th, 2017
Could anyone please offer some advice about this? I would appreciate it very much Smile
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