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Short term memory loss and Motor function loss

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This question is about my grandfather, he is currently 79 years old.
About 4 days ago, he started getting a very high fever, 39 degrees Celsius, he would get extremely cold but hot at the same time. This kind of snowballed into something much worse, he eventually started losing his motor function. He would be unable to stand up or even stay seated, my grandmother started helping him get around but it was too much for her as she is also in her late 70s. After this, he started losing his short-term memory from time to time, for example, on Sunday, he was watching TV and my grandmother asked him what he was watching, to which he replied:
"I'm just waiting for the formula 1 race to start."
The thing is, he had already watched the race over 2 hours before this. About 30 minutes later, he said the same thing, to which she told him the race had already happened and he had watched it already.
Now it is not always that he loses his short term memory, he can remember what pills he needs to take and how many of each, even things that were just prescribed to him.

On Saturday, he went to the doctor to get some tests done, they found that he is having kidney failure so they want to start him on Dialysis.
This doesn't seem to explain the motor function loss and short-term memory loss.

He has been to a few doctors and they don't seem to know what is wrong, the problem is that he lives in a small town in Brazil and the doctors there aren't the greatest.
We are looking for any idea of what it could be so we could let our family in Brazil know and get them to ask the doctors to look into that certain thing a little more closely.

Is it possible he had a stroke and the stroke is what caused these symptoms? If so, what does he need to do in order to make sure it doesn't get worse?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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