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Short random aches throughout head areas

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HI again. I have been struggling with the best ways to describe this mystery illness that I have been going through for the last several weeks. The main problem is that it could be ANYTHING. I research my symptoms and get such a vast variety of things it COULD be. Meanwhile, I am scared to death! My doctor is not concerned about it at all. She swears it isn't a brain tumor. (I have had a brain MRI done in 2008 which was perfectly normal) I am 40 years old, non-smoker. It is suspected that I am perimenopausal. I have diabetes and high blood pressure both of which are under control with medications. Currently I have been under a lot of stress, 10 hours a day at least at the laptop (at close range), I have allergies with post nasal drip, a few teeth are infected, and have many symptoms on the checklist for TMJ Disorder. My post is not necessarily meant for a diagnosis as much as it is for reassurance and comfort knowing that maybe someone else has this or something similar. I don't know who to see first. A neurologist, a dentist, or eye doctor. The best way I can describe my main complaints are like this. A short random pain varying from a dull mild ache to a stinging, stabbing pain that can occur anywhere along my left side of my jaw, cheek, temple, below, above or in my eye. Occasionally my ear too, but mainly it has been my eye and temple area. They only last maybe 3 seconds in length and I could get maybe 3-5 one day and the next day it could happen 20 times or more. I don't have a history of having migraines or so called ice pick headaches. Can that start at any age? I really would appreciate any advice or information that anyone has regarding this type of pain. I am so scared that I have a brain tumor, aneurysm, or that I am going to have a stroke etc.. For me I jump to the worst case scenario and it makes me so depressed that I can't even enjoy life anymore because I am so worried about these random pains. Thanks for listening.
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replied July 12th, 2012
It know its been a while since you last posted a message about your symptoms, however, I'm reading these symptoms and there are very similar to what a family member of mine is experiencing and it's having the same affect on her life. Do you still live with these symptoms, and are you any closer in understanding its cause?
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