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Short period - chance of pregnancy ?

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THIS WAS MY QUES LAST TIME...for which i had received answer...

me n my galfrnd had unprotected sex on 17 september..had i-pill wid in 24 hours girlfriend is discharging white liquid since then and also had a regular mild stomach pain...and then on 25th sep. she started bleeding(but her periods date is 4th of evry month)and is stil bleeding(4th october)with sometimes white dischrge and mostly brown discharge(as she is not xactly sure about the color of discharge) since 25th..n pain in her stomach contiues..
1)plz tell me y this bleeding has happened though her periods r to come on 4th of evry month....????
2)n y she had been dischrging a white liquid(17-24sep) AND now sometimes white dischrge and sometimes brown discharge since 25th sep.....????
plz tell me is brown discharge a sign of pregnancy..???if not then y is it there....???
and what other could be the possible signs of pregnancy...? has been 17 days that v had sex..plz plz reply each question separately n plz in detail as m very much worried for her...
thnx for the reply to above one from ur side.

BUT NOW i wanna ask dat after al this she had her periods on exact date i.e. october 4,...but the thing is this tym periods lasted for only 4 days...
1.Is this a thing to worry.....????...y she had short periods...??
2.and as she had had her (short)periods is there now any chance of pregnancy.....????
3.even after all this since we had sex white discharge is still coming out ...not in bulk but its alwaz there when she goes to wash room she notices touching dat white dischrge is there....SO WHY this white discharge is coming .....??????? it a sign of pregnancy...if not thn y is it there....?..plz reply me with great precision.
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replied October 19th, 2010
I recommend she takes a test..
I do sometimes get a white discharge and have short periods, but tell her to take one just to be safe.
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replied October 22nd, 2010
thnx rhirhi...for ur reply.
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