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Short on breath and bloated

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Hi, I'm 18, average height, 126 pounds.

Lately I have been extremely bloated after eating anything (doesn't matter what) this lasts for about 2-3 hours, I am also incredibly tired after eating for about the same amount of time. I get short on breath easily and I can't take any deep satisfying breaths. Sometimes when I have things against my neck (a seat belt, a shirt, etc) I feel as though I am being chocked. I have Epstein Barr and have had it for over a year now, my lymph nodes are always swollen (not an exaggeration), my doctor has said "I don't know how you eat".

If you have any idea whats going on that would be great.

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replied December 18th, 2009
This sounds like dysbiosis-- meaning you don't have the right intestinal flora balance, possibly candida overgrowth. If it's candida, it's there to digest undigested foods. Either way, the food is fermenting in your intestines causing bloating. Chew the heck out of your food, so it has no reason for being. Get your immune system up, do research on herbs etc. The bloating pushes your stomach up into the diaphragm causing you to feel like you can't breathe. I know, I've had this too. Pat the muscles around your rib cage, to release them so you can breathe deeper. For digestion: take trimethylglycine (TMG) which comes in powder form. This helps to increase stomach acid. Also zinc. Take some form of acid with meals, maybe apple cider vinegar ( a little). Make kefir, which is a fermented yogurt drink to get your flora count up.
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