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Shooting pain in chest, back, and throat for two months!!

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Hi guys, I wanted to share my symptoms and story because I am so frustrated and concerned! First of all, I had surgery on my elbow last month to remove a non-cancerous growth. The surgery went well, but the day after I felt very nauseous and sick. Feeling dizzy and sick, I rushed to the ER to see what was wrong. After some blood tests they let me go, but a nurse noted that my heart rate was high at 120bpm when waiting in one of the ER rooms. This is when everything started!

The doctors sent me home from the ER and said nothing was wrong and everything should be fine. But the nurse's words kept playing in my mind as to why my heart rate was 120 resting. The next day I started to feel a tight pressure feeling in my chest that did not leave. I waited it out, but found my self in the hospital AGAIN. This time I came complaining with chest pains and a high heart rate. They did a EKG, Blood Tests, CT Scan of my Chest, and a Xray of my chest and nothing came up. They said my lungs were fine and my hearts rhythm was normal with a elevated heart rate. They sent me home again, but I was still in pain.

Everyday since then I have been having severe shooting pains in my chest stomach, and back that sometimes shoots through my throat. It's not always constant, but it comes fairly often. It does happen more often when I eat, but not always. I have been to the ER about 6 times and every time I go they do not find anything wrong with me. It's so frustrating!

Also, I have seen my Internal Medicine Doctor, Two Cardiologists, got a 24 Hour Holter Monitor for my Heart, and a ultrasound of my heart. My monitor/ultrasound found nothing abnormal and my cardiologists do not think its anything to do with my heart, which is assuring but I still want to know what is causing this!

My Internal Medicine doctor referred me to a GI Doctor, which I will see next week and I will have a ultrasound on my thyroid next week also.

Overall my Symptoms are:
Shooting Pains that are primarily on my left side of my chest
Shooting Pains that are on my upper back
Shooting Pains in Abdominal Area
Shooting Pains that sometimes extend to throat area, making it harder to breathe

+Also, I have been getting aches and pains in my knees and legs off and on
(Once, I heard my knee snapping back and forth when walking, then after my whole calf felt tight and it was hard to walk for a few hours)...I asked my doctor if I could have Arthritis, but she said I am too young.

---Elevated Heart Rate: A month ago it was about 120 every time I walk.
Now: it is slowly getting lower about 88 when sitting down, 70 when lying down, but sometimes it jumps to 120 when I walk or panic, when experiencing symptoms of pain.

My Background: 21 year old Female, Overall Healthy, and not overweight at all.
MY blood pressure is okay, I just went to the doctor and it was 100/70, and other times its about 120/70

Does anyone know what is going on?? Or has anyone been through this before???
Please let me know, I am really concerned.
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replied November 29th, 2012
Palaitations w/shooting pain in throat.
I have something very similar. Mine start in my chest (maybe slightly to the left of center) and shoot up into my throat. They happen very fast and last only a second or two. Sometimes I get 2-3 in a row(within 10sec). I have worn a Holter mont. twice and I'm told I have harmless palpitations. They scare the daylights out of me and sure would like to know what they are. If I find an answer I will post it please do the same if you or anyone else knows or finds an answer.
All the best
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