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Symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be present during other medical conditions. Learn to identify early symptoms of multiple sclerosis, plus when to seek help....
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Hi. I had shingles back in April, and had nerve damage ever since

I had it on my back, and wrapped around onto my chest (my breast) on my right side.
Now, i have no feeling (numb to touch), but the only thing i do "feel" is itchiness, pain, and burning/pinching.

I noticed that after i had shingles, and started going to school again, it effected the way i played viola

I've been playing for 8 years, so i would think by now i would have my muscles all in tact
My back and hands would start to tire out after about 10 minutes of playing, but now i play for about 2 or so minutes, and i can't hold myself up anymore.
I get this stabbing pain, like i did before i broke out in a rash.
Even if i sit up straight in a chair it'll hurt.

I've been worried about this because I'm in an honors and AF group at my school and i don't want it to effect my playing.

Is there something i can do?
Or should i even be worried about this?
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replied September 26th, 2010
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so sorry about the trouble....
you better see a neurologist. there may be a few drugs that might help. the key is treating it soon enough.....pete
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