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Two weeks ago I fell on a concrete step and hit my shin. Nothing happened immediately but one hour later a swelling the size of a golf ball appeared. My leg then changed was rainbow coloured for about ten days all the way down and the sweeling reduced to a ping pong ball. It is still there, hard and hurts. Could you please give me suggestions on what I might apply topically and if there really is anything that can be done if the shin bone is chipped. Do I just need to be patient and wait for the swelling to reduce?
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First Helper RainbowSun

replied February 9th, 2014
Small world = I fell about 2 weeks ago, and was at work at the time, and given ice to take down the swelling and help with bruising.

Since then, I only feel a tingle if i touch just under my knee, or kneel down (even briefly) it makes me gasp! I now have a swelling the size of a deflated tennis ball. I am going to my gp on Monday, and will mention this amongst another personal problem!
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