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She left suddenly-cant function without her

We're both only 14. I only dated her for one and a half months. She said that the day I met her she was gonna kill herself but there was "something about me" that kept her from doing it. We fell in love instantly, we were perfect for each other. The times we spent together were full of happiness. We talked as often as we could on Skype, or through the phone. We really loved each other. Then, She texted me on the Monday of this week all of a sudden and just said that she was breaking up with me because she needed a break. She said she may get back together with me but she didn't know. Everyone I know was surprised. We always were together and neither of us saw a time without each other. But then it ended. I never did anything wrong, she said it herself. She wanted to be my friend. She never said she didn't love me, or that she still did. She left me hanging, making me more depressed every second. Then, on Tuesday, she completely ignored me. I had always suffered from depression but never have i wanted to end my life. The only reason i didn't was because i know she would have killed herself too and she has such a chance in life. The most painful thing is shes perfectly all right. I was crying during the beginning of the day, and until we started telling people what happened no one knew. Because she was smiling laughing and talking to her friends like she never knew me before. I just didn't want to live anymore. Now today I texted her friend, asking if there was anything she said that i did, anything at all, and her friend said there was absolutely nothing, and that she was as surprised as I. Her friend said that we were a great couple and that she would get us back together. The sheer possibility that her friend will be able to bring her back to me is the only thing that's keeping me here right now.

I apologize for such a lengthy and disorganized post. This is a slightly more refined example of my current thought process. I feel betrayed and stupid to not see it coming.

I know there's gonna be one person who says "oh well hurr durr it was only a month so you should like totally get over her" Understand, we have both had other relationships, lasting and good. And even according to her, this was the best month of our lives. I guess the only thing that happened was she stopped liking me. The night before she said she would love me forever. I don't think i will ever stop loving her. I promised her I wouldn't so many times.
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replied November 19th, 2012
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Puberty is when some folk get funny or strange ideas or act wierd for no apparent reason.
Complete waste of time analysing it - you have no choice but to accept she woke one morning and felt (or thought) differently about you. She wouldn't have any more control over it than than the man in the moon...

This doesn't mean what she felt for you for those six weeks wasn't real and just because you are only 14 your pain is any less real or any less debilitating.

Such things aren't unusual at your age and eventually you will know this and be telling other hurting pubescents exactly the same things.

I advise you to treasure those past six weeks because they will be six of the most important weeks of your life and you will never forget them. Treasure too the pain those weeks are causing you now because it is an essential part of becomming a man.
Almost every adult will have a similar story to tell...

You will function again, your appetite will return and those acute feelings and dire thoughts will diminish - it is the way we are made and is the nature of things!

If I am telling you a falsehood and such things did not take a natural course our population would be very much depleted.

Good luck!
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