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She can use ECP after 24 hours?

i sex with my gf when she is in period then she took unwanted. After 10 days we again sex. Then we are afraid.please what can i do sir? She can use ECP after 24 hours?
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replied September 1st, 2013
Extremely eHealthy
Emergency contraception is designed to cause an abortion if conception has taken place. It is for emergencies and can have some quite long-lasting side-effects. It is not a good idea to use it routinely.

The answer is to either not have sex at all or to use proper contraception when you do have sex. Condoms are around 70% effective and provide some protection against infections. Using them with an additional spermicide makes them a little better than 90% effective. If you require greater protection than that your girlfriend needs to be using one of the hormone based contraceptives, such as the Pill which offer a better than 98% effectiveness.
It is still a good idea to use condoms for the protection against infections they offer. Doctors are now saying condoms should be used in an exclusive relationship for seven years before it can be considered safe.

If your girlfriend's periods are very regular and the first instance of sex you mentioned was during her period and the second time was ten days later then it is unlikely she is pregnant but as in most things involving humans there are no guarantees.

Good luck!
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