About a week ago I got a large bump in the crease of my leg where I shave my bikini line. I of course squeezed and picked at it since it was painful and I wanted to make it go away. I eventually got it to go down significantly in size and to stop hurting the process though it bled, released a sticky clear liquid and a bit of a whitish fluid. A couple days later I got another one about and inch from it. I also picked at that one and was unable to make it go away. And now another one is showing up in the same sort of line practically going to the crease of my other leg by now. Also, the middle one had a lot of smaller ones appear above it. Also, when I squeezed them I can feel some sort of fluid bubbles popping underneath and the fluid moving to the sides.

All three are still there and the second two are still painful. I've finally resolved to stop picking at them, and disinfected them with hydrogen peroxide once more as well as put an antibiotic cream on them. I then covered them with Band-Aids.

I have no idea what they are though and I really want them to go away.

I've searched for similar things but have found no helpful tips in getting rid of them.

I know it couldn't be an STD either since I am still with the only partner I have and both of us have never been sexually active with anyone else.

Please help!
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replied September 28th, 2009
These sound like ingrown hairs to me, I sometimes get them but never as bad as your describing, I can usually pick and pluck them myself, however yours sound particularly bad. I am aware when they get this bad a minor operation is the only way to resolve them as they will keep growing under the skin and get worse, this fluid sounds like puss or extracellular fluid
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