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Sharp throbbing headache when move suddenly or loe down

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For a week now I have been having these weird bursts of pain in my head.
It started on last Wedenesday. I had to spend my day sitting on an uncomfortable chair behind a too low laptop screen which reflected the light from the window behind me. My head started to hurt and I felt very uncomfortable, but I thought it was the condidtions and that it would go away once I leave. Well, it sort of did and sort of didn't. I felt ok later, but then afterwards I felt this strong sharp throbbing pain inthe whole often top half of my head. I was sitting, or had I just sat down, I don't remember.
The next morning I got u and walked to the bathrooma few rooms away and I felt the pain again. Later that day and the next I kept having the bursts of pain but they got a bit milder. Then it localized to a point on the right side of my head, then to the upper middle side slightly to the front and now it has settled to a spot above my left ear. As the First transitions were overnight, it has been on the left side for several days now. And they are still those sharp throbbing bursts of pain that accure when I move and get weaker til they fade. But they also accure when I lye down, it's milder and constantly at the same level, but still throbbing.
I am tried of it. I don't usually have headaches, If I do, they are different, normal. I don't have any condidtions that I am aware of, I don't take any medicine, I am not stressed, nor have I had a change in my life. And I just turned 20.
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replied March 30th, 2012
I don't know if this would relate to you or not. My headaches usually start behind my eye or forehead and work their way to the top of my head, then eventually wrap around to the back of my neck. Bending over causes it to throb worse. I have had headaches my entire life. The worst being the last 3 years, everyday. Went to my family doctor, an E.N.T, Oral Surgeon, Chiropractor, Eye Doctor, MRI, etc. Long story but without any allergy symptoms I went to an allergist for testing. To my surprise I have year-round allergies; dust, dog, pollen, weeds, etc. I had no idea and I am in my 30's! Now I nasal wash every morning and night, take a Zyrtec everyday, and nasal spray Astepro when I begin to feel pressure in my head. I have NOT had a headache in these last 2 months and am loving it! What the allergist told me was congestion causes pressure build up causing a headache and making me more susceptible to headaches and migraines. I thought I would have known if my nasal passages were congested. Just thought I would share, Good luck to you....
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