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Sharp short pains to forehead

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I posted a query with the Doctors a few days ago, but for some reason my query has disappeared. My son has been having short pains, or varying strength and sharpness in different places across his forehead and occasionally temples. This has been going on now for almost 6 weeks. He has multitudes of them. Sometimes he can go an hour or so without any, then he may get 10 in a minute.He has had brain scan and blood tests. All negative. Migraine medication does nothing but make him sleepy, as its also a antihystemine. Sleeps fine - pains either do not occur or are not severe enough to wake him, then they start again the next morning, get progressively worse, then start to ease off a little late in the afternoon (most days) Sometimes the pain is in a tiny little area, like the size of a pea, other times a little bigger area. Strangely though, the same day these pains started, he complained of a very sore elbow and his hand was swollen up. He had been sleeping outdoors the previous night in a tent, and we assumed he had been bitten by something and gave him antihystemines and painkillers. The pain in his elbow went away several days later, but the pains have not. Could this be related or completely coincidental? Could an allergic reaction to something possibly effect him for this long??
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First Helper jenhayd

replied December 6th, 2009
Update. We have seen Neurosurgeon. All good - MRI clear. Still no idea what the problem is, although have ruled out anything nasty, ruled out migraine and ruled out viral causes. Do have to go back to see a pediatric specialist in a couple of days, but have had suggestions of Neuraliga. Research into Trigeminal neuralgia tells me that the symptoms are extrememly similar, apart from the fact that he only gets the pains in his forehead and temples, and not in his cheekbones or jaw. Also very uncommon in children, but sounds too much like it to ignore. Anyone had experience with Trigeminal Neuralgia and had success in treating it???
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