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Sharp pain while having sex?

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Sometimes, I get really sharp pain in my lower abdomen when having sex. It is almost like I am being stabbed in my stomach. We usually have to stop for a bit until it eases off, but afterwards I am fine. But it is a really sharp pain. Anyone else have this sort of thing happen to them
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replied April 6th, 2011
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Mirrormask, it is very often caused by his penis hitting your cervix. This is often the case with positions that lead to deep penetration - doggy and positions where your legs are in the air. It can also be much worse during certain phases of your cycle when your cervix moves lower down inside your vagina.

Shallower penetration, keeping your legs together and his spread outside yours and turning around (if you are on your back, lie on your front) can help for hitting the cervix. When you are on top, you are also truly the master of all aspects, your own pleasure, the angle, depth and speed of penetration.

Take care!
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