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Sharp Pain in Right Testicle

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Hello everyone, I am 20 years old and currently experiencing something that is scaring me and kind of embarrassing to talk about. About 3 months ago i started experiencing a pain on my right side above my hip but more towards the front. It was an excruciating pain and was happening frequently. I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment complex and I found myself stopping halfway, sitting on the ground, sweating in pain. The pain would only last about 30 seconds but completely drained my energy. About 2 weeks later, the pain was happening in my right testicle. Now the pain rose from 5 to 10, and would last up to 2 minutes at a time. The pain was so bad that I would literally be crying for two minutes and then its gone. For the first month it was happening about 3 or more times a day but now it happens about 2 times a week. It seemed like I always needed to have a bowel movement afterwards. Also I had been hit in the testicles by some drunk idiot a month or so prior to any of this happening and yes it knocked me to the floor and almost made me puke.
Of course I went to the hospital two times and they ran tests on me. The first time I went to my university's clinic and they actually drove me over to a urologist immediately. When I got to the urologist, I was at a level 8 pain and had been crying before I got there. They said everything looked fine and nothing was swollen. They found nothing wrong on the ultrasound, but certain spots would feel tender. I was still at a level 8 pain so they sent me to the emergency room to do a CT scan to not take any chances in case of a torsion. At the hospital they found nothing on the ultrasound, and nothing on the CT scan eliminating torsion, kidney stone, and epididymitis. At the hospital they prescribed me ketorolac 10mg, hydrocodone-acetaminophen 5-500
and I think the other was naproxen 500mg but not sure. I continued to have the pain but the hydros helped with the pain a little bit. Although they helped, I only had the pains like 2 times a day and they might not happen around each other, one could be in the morning and one could be at night, so it made it pointless to take the pain pills as I was only prescribed 8. While taking these pills I noticed I became constipated and as long as I remember I do not think I have ever been constipated. The pains were still occurring even after I had no more medication, and I was also still constipated. Now the pains were down to like one a day and sometimes 2. A couple weeks later while I was at work I started having these sharp pains in my right testicle again and I immediately ran to the restroom so nobody would see me crying, this time it was insanely sharp! I was crying and trying to have a bowel movement to make it feel better but constipated. I was straining but hardly anything was coming out, and was to the point where I started throwing up, my manager heard and called the ambulance. They rushed me to the hospital and did another CT scan and ultrasound. This time they found a little cyst by my left epididymis tail but that side had no pain at all, just my right. They saw no inflammations at all but the CT scan showed I was full of stool. They then prescribed me tramadol hcl 50mg and doxycycline hyclate 100 mg, and told me to wear compression shorts. Now its 2 months later and I am still having these excruciating pains, I have learned so far to deal with it because every time I go back to the urologist he just says its epididymitis and there is no proof from the ultrasound. There seems to be no swelling and he says everything looks good, yet its epididymitis which he said before it wasn't. I am still constipated now and it is not fun, and still having these pains. Any thoughts or further information I need to provide to help figure out what is going on? Oh and I am sexually active but with the same person and they get tested. Please help me figure this out.
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