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Sharp pain and can't hold urine

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I recently had sex with my boyfriend. And he went harder than he probably should have. So when i had gotten home, for some reason i was really sore. I found it natural, but that night when i tried to go pee, i felt a sharp pain. Like someone was cutting the inside of my vagina. And i can''t hold it anymore. If i don''t go to the bathroom, within about thirty seconds of when i get the feelings, i wet myself. I can''t go to a doctor, my mom can''t know I''m sexually active. I don''t know what to do.
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replied April 20th, 2010
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Infection is usually assosiated with elevated temperature. If you're running a mild fever or if your abdomen feels abnormally warm you probably have you answer, but not all infections cause this problem. What you're describing sounds like a UTI. If it's sharply painful I'd suggest seeing a doctor but you could also try an over the counter treatment. The good news is that very few infections can be caused only by sex so your parents finding out you have a UTI isn't going to be the death of you.
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