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Sharp, intermittent pain in back, right of head

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I've had intermittent, sharp, piercing pain on the back of my head, on the right side for 24 hours. They last about a second and thereafter, no pain at all. However, they come and go so frequently that it's now causing concern. I've read about ice pick headaches, and my symptoms seem to be consistent with that diagnosis. Should I be alarmed? Is it safe to take migraine medication that contains aspirin to try? I've never sustained any head trauma, and the pain does not radiate anywhere on my head. It's totally localized on the right, back side of my head and seems unrelated to muscular disorders.
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replied September 9th, 2013
I feel the same thing too on occasion, like right now. Very localized. Lasts a few seconds. Then pulses back a few seconds later...
It's by no means debilitating. But it's very weird. I can't really figure out a pattern to it being triggered.... i will try drinking a ton of water. I'd be super curious if anyone had some insights into this.
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