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Sharp head pains: Concussion, TMJ, or something worse?

Recently I bumped my head getting out of the car and though nothing of it. A few hours later I started feeling lightheaded and having random sharp stabbing pains in my head. Two days later I felt fine and had a very physically exerting weekend surfing for hours. The next morning I went for a swim and my symptoms returned. My symptoms persisted so I saw a doctor. She told me I could have a concussion and that I likely had a sinus infection so she prescribed me antibiotics (Z-pack). It has now been 10 days and my symptoms still persist: (sharp head pains, neck pain/stiffness, ringing in the ears, irritability, occasional periods of lightheadedness/dizziness). I'm beginning to become slightly concerned that it could be something worse. I had a concussion back in January (4 months ago) and had a CT scan; they found nothing abnormal. Also I have been diagnosed with a TMJ disorder and have been wearing a night guard for the past 5-6 weeks. I read online about TMD symptoms and most of them match my situation. Is it possible that this is contributing to my symptoms or is it something more serious? Also I read somewhere online about "ice pick headaches". This is the best way I can describe my headaches.
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