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Shaky hands before lunch

For the past 4-5 months, I've been experiencing hypoglycemia right about lunch time. I eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast about 8:30, and if I don't get to lunch by 1, about 12:30 or 12:45 my hands start to shake, I feel weak and sometimes confused or can't concentrate, and I get really hot and start to sweat. I've almost always had shaky hands if I don't eat, but this weakness and sweating is new, and it seems to be getting worse. I've tried lately to eat a snack about 11:30-noon if I know I'm not going to get to lunch soon, but that doesn't seem to help. Today at 11:30 I had a large handful of mixed nuts, but by 1 when I sat down to eat, I was sweaty and couldn't concentrate on my work anymore. Now after lunch, I still feel weak.

Some history on me-- I'm about a week from turning 27, female, healthy otherwise, non-smoker, drink only occasionally, normal weight, no other issues other than migraines about once or twice every couple months that are controlled by prescription medicine pretty well. I'm a pesco-vegetarian, meaning I do eat fish about twice a week, and I eat pretty healthy, paying attention that I get enough protein from other sources, and I take a multi-vitamin.

Is this a simple "You need to eat lunch earlier" solution or could it be a symptom of a larger problem? When it first started around Jan/Dec. I had just started a new job, so my eating habits changed just a bit, but then it was only shaky hands. The last month or so it's gotten worse, with the sweating occurring at least once a week if not twice or three times.
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replied May 9th, 2009
shaky feeling
I've had this for yrs, and it got worse and worse. You need to eat more often, maybe every 2 hrs. I finally found a Dr who took me seriously and may be on the right track now
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replied May 10th, 2009
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I guess you suspect Reactive Hypoglycemia.
If you have Reactive Hypoglycemia the weakness and lack of concentration if caused by low blood sugar while feeling hot, sweating and shaking is caused by the released of adrenalin to bring blood sugar up.

If you're at an initial phase you might experience these symptoms just three times a day. They're just annoying crashes. But if uncorrected they may become chronic and accompany you the whole day while the low blood sugar and adrenaling surge might develop into anxiety, panick attack, depression, phobias and more physical and mental problems.

Eating often is not the solution.
It helps because you're countereacting the effect of a low blood sugar reaction and this limits the adrenalin surge symptoms but if you don't correct the low blood sugar reaction you still will be suffring from unstable blood sugars and high insulin levels with all the consequences.

It's important to understand that low blood sugar is actualy fluctuating unstable blood sugar and according to endocrinologists like Dr. Berkowitz, they're just the other side of the same metabolic problem which is diabetes. Reactive Hypoglycemia is insulin resistance causing the pancreas to produce 10 times more insulin than needed. This is what causes the sugar crashes. Sugar crashes is what causes the adrenalin surge. Sugar spikes is what causes the insulin resistance. A whole graph of 24 hours would show roller coaster like graph of blood glucose. That's why hypoglycemia is a misnomer.

A first problem is your bowl of cereal. If you have RH your pancreas overeacts to concentrate carbs. Consider that even normal healthy people without an overeactive pancreas experience a sugar spike followed by a somewhat sugar crash when they eat concentrated sources of carbs.

Try to have eggs, veggies, salmon, nuts, avocado, cheese in the morning instead of the cereals and you should already feel better.
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replied July 8th, 2010
you sound like you are experiencing mild anxiety too. the physical feeling of being hungry is so close to nervousness that it can make it worse. I am in nursing school and got that low blood sugar feeling and tried to eat something when it happened but I still had a tremor and sweatiness. So, I tried Inderal 10mg twice a day and it works like a charm. Have you even tested your blood sugar. I just wouldn't jump into hypoglycemia till you are for sure that's even the problem.
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replied January 20th, 2012
I was getting my kids some lunch today and all the sudden I got real hot and I started to shake and I felt like I could fall any one know anything.I had three kids back to back and struggleing to loss wight
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