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shaking, short term memory loss, muscle tightness...

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What specialist should I see for symptoms of random shaking of the hands, swelling and tingling of the hands and feet, short term memory loss problems, and random muscle tightness in my legs?
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replied January 26th, 2012
my 5 cents
I would start with a GP or a neurologist, but I'm no expert nor a doctor.

Tingling can be related to the sensory nerves.
Muscles are also controlled by nerves (the motor nerves). That why I said neurologist, but you guessed that already as you posted in this forum.

Normally you start talking to a General Practitioner who make a (preliminary) diagnosis and sends you to a specialist for further examination and treatment.

Try to see a doctor as soon as you can (make an appointment today!), it sounds serious so don't postpone it, and good luck! I wish you all the best!
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