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shaking feeling on the inside!

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Hi everyone

i'm a 24 year old woman who has always been very healthy. Since the birth of the sob who is now 8months I feel like I have had nothing but health issues. I have been in and out of the doctors office and have just be diagnosed with post partom depression and a anxiety disorder. My biggest problem is that randomly throughout the day I will feel like I'm shaking on the inside. Its the worst at night or when I take a nap. I will wake up my heart racing and a shaking feeling in just my upper body. My doctor has given me some techniques to help cope however I don't know that I'm totally convinced that what I'm suffering from is anxiety. It happens when I don't even feel stressed out! The expreience is extremley draining!!! I'm constantly wondering if there is something else wrong with me. Can anyone help???
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replied October 14th, 2012
I too have been experiencing all your symptoms. Yes, it's definetely anxiety. I've been consulting with a professional for 6 years. I was in denial 3 years prior to the diagnosis, untill i I ended up in ER twice thinking I was having a heart attack of some sort. Yes, the trembling usually happens when it's your down time. (maybe because your body is not use to "down time" since you had your son) at least that's how it's was for me....I have such a busy schedule that my body doesn't know what "down time" is.
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