Ever since i was born i have had shakiness in my body, arms, hands, legs, all over pretty much..i am almost 21 years old and i am assuming that i do not have parkinson's disease, its just i always shake not a lot for someone to look at me first glance and notice but when i hold out my hands i can see that i shake but i think because my right hand doesn't shake as much is because i am a "right-hand person" i have more control of. When i am nervous (when i am in front of a group of people about to speak to an audience) is when i really shake the most.
Now my question is what could i possibly have and what is there to treat this?
Can it be treated to cure it to go away for good, or is it treatable to the point where i don't shake as much?
Please let me know asap that would be great.
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replied July 20th, 2009
have you been to any specialist like a neurosurgeon to have tests to see why your body is doing this.?
you mention you have had this since a young age and that you assume you don,t have parkinsons..?
i have a friend with similar problem and he was told huntingtons but this was after nemerous tests.
Now this is just a guess as im not a doctor but it sounds neurological disorder of some type so you would need various tests done to get a complete diagnosis and then a follow up for treatment depending on findings,
If i were you see your doctor who shall refer you too a specialist..It seems a long time to have this problem and never been looked into..
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