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Shakiness and IBS? Hyperactive intestines

(Sorry to be so long, wanted to give a thorough description). Female, 27, overall good health with a history of GERD, esophageal ulcerations back in 2009. I was on Nexium and fiber supplement for a few years. Everything seemed to be okay for awhile, then this past spring (2015) I started getting changes in my bowels, including some blood (from hemorrhoids) and mucus in my stool and thought it was concerning. No other symptoms at that time. Had a colonscopy and everything came back fine.

In August, I was having an increase of "attacks"--I would get very clammy, nauseous, painful gas, and sometimes lightheaded with some feelings of derealization. I have always been kind of an anxious person and so I assumed most of this was related to anxiety. I went back to my GI, who diagnosed me with IBS and prescribed Lansoprazole for acid control and told me to start taking the fiber supplement again. Additionally, I started seeing a therapist and taking buspirone for anxiety. My therapist states that I have very good insight and coping skills (which I agree with). I work in the mental health field myself, and I find it odd because I feel at ease right now in my life--I am in my second year of graduate school (which I enjoy and do not find very distressing), am stable with my family, friends, and living environment. I know IBS can flare up when anxiety flares up but I actually feel the most secure that I have in years. These "attacks" seem to come out of no where and usually I am able to calm down the anxiety part of them by taking deep breaths and reassuring myself. Lately, the anxiety seems to be triggered by physical symptoms--I am worried about getting sick and not feeling well because that has been my life for most of the past several months. I find it hard to believe that the anxiety is inducing the physical symptoms--it very much seems the other way around. I have been anxious before and have had actual anxiety attacks before and this feels different.

At this point, I am nauseous every day at some point, some days a lot more than others. I also have had some issues with shakiness--sometimes it's just a feeling, sometimes it's visible. This happens when I am feeling completely mentally calm and safe and am going about my normal day. Shakiness happens mostly in the morning, though does happen throughout the day. I try to eat at least a little bit so I know hunger isn't playing a role. I have lost about 5 pounds in the past month without trying. I go from constipated to normal stools to loose stools to very thin stools. Additionally, I've been having a lot of stomach pain, mostly around my intestines though it does travel. It almost feels like someone is sitting on my stomach and then there are mice runnign around in there. I'm assuming these are intestinal spasms?? I have been tested for celiac sprue and have tried cutting out wheat and dairy from my diet. Additionally, the cramping, bloating, pain, and gas seem to be completely unrelated to what and when I eat. I also have had complete blood work done and everything is within normal limits--including my thyroid and glucose, which I thought may be culprits. My resting heart rate is a little bit on the higher side but my blood pressure and cholesterol are very good.

This is very frustrating to me because it is impeding me from living my life--going to school, working, hanging out with my boyfriend, friends, and family. I feel trapped and I am usually the kind of person who is never home because I love being out, doing things, and spending time with people. Now I am constantly tired, am not sleeping well, and just want to stay home in case I start feeling poorly (which is now most of the time). I am especially frustrated when I have a good day and then the next day I feel like absolute crap. I feel like I am doing everything I should be doing and expect to start feeling better but I just seem to feel worse and worse.

Does anyone else have shakiness with IBS? Could there be something more serious, medically?
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