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Sexually active looking for birth control

hello every-one and doc,
have a simple question.

i am 31 year old and have 2 kids, and sexually active.
i looking for birth control and a way to discontinue my monthly due to them being very intensively heavy and painful. you see, i had 2 cva's therefore i can not take any and everything. any suggestions.

please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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replied April 17th, 2009
Please don't write in all caps
Have you continued taking the Depo Provera shot? You take a shot every three months and by the third shot your period should have stopped.
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replied April 18th, 2009
I would not personally recommend the shot. Check out something called "Her Option" online and see what you learn. Just google it. There are doctors and specialists who use this to aid in heavy periods. Also, sometimes heavy periods can be due to durmoids/fibroid cysts which are common in women who have been pregnant (especially if you have bad abdominal pain). Just a thought!
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